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VARDEX - TM Standard

VARDEX MACH TT - Unmatched Productivity

VARDEX MACH TM - Unmatched Productivity

VARGUS Miniature Solutions

V-WHIRLING - Vargus Whirling Solutions

Vargus micrOscope - Micro Tools for Small Bores

V-Taps Advanced Tapping Solutions

VARDEX TMSD Modular Toolholder Heads

GROOVEX ST-Cut Animation

VARDEX External Toolholders with High Pressure Coolant for Swiss Type Machines

VARGUS High Pressure Coolant Solutions

Vardex External Threading Holders with 2 High Pressure Coolant Outlets

Vardex MiTM Offset

Vardex TM Solid MultiFlute - Up to 40% Faster Machining Times!

Groovex micrOscope Boring & Profiling with Chip Breaker (CBLF)

VARDEX - Oil & Gas Thread Turning Holders with Coolant Thru

GROOVEX - External Machining High Pressure Coolant Modular System

VARDEX - TMDR: Drillng, Thread Milling & Chamfering


GROOVEX VG-Cut Expanded

GROOVEX Small Parts Machining

F-Line: Fixed Clamping System

VARDEX - VRX Animation Movie

VARDEX - VRX Application Movie

VARDEX - Mega Line

VARDEX - Multi+



MiTM - Super Fast Thread Milling System

MiTM 19 - For Small Bores


TMSD 3/8"L

TMSD Vertical - For Small Diameter Applications

VARDEX - Helicool

VARDEX - Millipro HD for Hard Materials

VARDEX - Advantages of Thread Milling

VARDEX - Gear Milling

VARDEX - Solid Carbide Gear Milling Tools

VG-Cut: Deep Grooving, Threading & Parting Off

GROOVEX Groovical

GROOVEX Microscope


GROOVEX Groove Milling

GROOVEX Laydown Grooving

Shaviv - Leading Deburring Solutions

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