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Introducing the world's most intelligent tool selector and CNC program generator.
The VARGUS GENius™ offers the most popular and advanced thread turning and thread milling software on the market today, featuring VARDEX's threading applications.

Introducing the VARGUS GENius™ App

Now available for iOS and Android devices

New responsive design

Use on any device, anywhere in the world


To download APK file directly to your phone click here.

The VARGUS GENius™ is also available in these non-App versions:

Online Version

  • NEW!
    Responsive design for smartphones and tablets!
  • Online interactive software 
  • For the most popular web browsers
  • Most updated version always online

Desktop (Install) Version 

  • Stand-alone software application
  • MS Windows Operating System-based program
  • Automatic updates

Setup Version

  • Stand-alone software package for USB memory devices
  • MS Windows operating system-based program
  • To install, open ZIP and click VargusGen.application
Click to access Online version Click to access Online version Click to install Desktop version Click to download Setup version

18 September 2017 - Version - WHAT’S NEW? 

New Vargus GENius Mobile version in AppStore and GooglePlay


Thread Turning - TT Gen:

  • New Improved Mini-L 5LK Line
  • New Improved Mini-3 6.0K Line
  • Added MHCR4F – Round Microscope Sleeve Double sided 4Flats
  • Added MHCR4F – Round Microscope Sleeve Single sided 4Flats
  • Added MHCS – Cylindrical Microscope Sleeve Shrink clamp
  • Added Internal D-Line Deep Rake Laydown inserts
  • Added Standard UNR ASME B1.1-2003
  • Added VTX grade to Microscope tools
  • Added Microscope TR DIN103 and ISO tools
  • Added VG-Cut Monoblock Tools T08
  • Added Insert VG-Cut 2.5 ISO



Thread Milling - TM Gen:

  • New TMDR tools - Drilling, Thread Milling & Chamfering, w/o coolant for steel
  • New TMDR tools - Drilling, Thread Milling & Chamfering, with coolant for Stainless Steel
  • Added new Pre-Drill Hole parameters
  • New TM Solid HCN HeliCool for 3xDo Thread length with Cutting Length Le = 1.5D
  • New S1LC Solid Carbide Imperial shank for ACME 2GGeneral:
    Both metric and imperial tools can simultaneously be displayed in tool selection. This option can be changed in the main menu.

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